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ID Protection

Every eligible domain registered at EastWestHost comes with optional domain ID Protection service. You can choose not to show your private domain registration details at domain whois check.

Global DNS Network

Robust and reliable DNS performance delivered across a globally dispersed network of DNS servers. Be sure that your website will be reached always and from anywhere.

Flexible Auto Renewals

Our customers can set auto-renew preferences and they receive renewal notices on a regular basis. You’ll never forget to renew your domain registration again!

Domain Lock

Domain Lock is a free security enhancement offered by EastWestHost to protect it from scammers and prevent unauthorized transfers of your domain to another registrar or web host by “locking” your domain nameservers.

Advanced Control

Take control of your domain name directly from client zone. We provide powerful tools for you to change name servers, edit DNS zone records, setup URL and email forwarding or redirection and more.

24/7 Support

Our stellar customer support team is not only knowledgeable, but one of the nicest people you’ll ever encounter. They are ready to assists you with any issues regarding our services and offer professional advice. We’ll be there for you! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Domain Pricing

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Registration PriceDomain registration price for one year. Other billing period options are available at the checkout.

Transfer PriceTransfer price includes a one year registration renewal for your domain.

Restore PriceSome domain registrars require a domain redemption fee for restoring your domain if you did not renew it on time or after the expiry date (approximately 1 month). This feature allow you to get your domain back without a risk that someone else might register it. NOTE: Not all domain names support this feature.

ID Protection (€4.49/year)If you do not wish your private details to be seen at domain WHOIS check, you can order additional WHOIS privacy protection service for just €4.49/year/domain. NOTE: Not all domain names support this feature.

.com €10.49 €10.49 €250.00
.net €14.99 €14.99 €250.00
.ru €5.99 €5.99
.org €12.49 €12.49 €250.00
.de €6.99 €6.99
.jpJapanese mailing address is required. €69.99 €69.99
.uk €7.99 €7.99 €7.99 €7.99
.in €11.99 €11.99 €80.00
.itRegistrants must reside in European union. €19.99 €19.99
.frRegistrants must reside in European union. €14.99 €14.99
.info €17.99 €17.99 €250.00
.nlSome conditions apply. €7.99 €7.99 €250.00
.cn €8.99 €8.99 €100.00
.es €9.99 €9.99
.biz €15.99 €15.99 €250.00
.caAdditional Canadian contact attributes are required. €14.99 €14.99 €20.00
.euRegistrants must be located within the EEA. €9.99 €9.99 €50.00
.co €29.99 €29.99 €250.00
.twSome conditions apply. €32.99 €32.99
.ch €14.99 €14.99
.at €25.99 €25.99
.be €14.99 €14.99 €250.00
.tv €34.99 €34.99 €100.00
.me €24.99 €24.99 €250.00
.usU.S. Nexus requirement can be enforced by challenge, but seldom is. €9.99 €9.99 €250.00
.nzRegistry might perform eligibility checks before registration is granted. €14.99 €14.99 €40.00
.cc €10.99 €10.99 €80.00
.sgSingapore presence required. €34.99 €34.99
.io €47.99 €47.99
.pe €64.99 €99.99 €250.00
.xyz €9.99 €9.99 €250.00
.mobi €20.99 €20.99 €250.00
.ws €34.99 €34.99 €100.00
.pro €18.99 €18.99 €100.00
.asiaAdmin Contact must be located in .ASIA approved region or meet registrant contact requirements for Charter Eligibility Declaration (CED). €15.99 €15.99 €100.00
.pw €21.99 €21.99 €50.00
.club €11.99 €11.99 €250.00
.xxxSome restrictions apply. €99.99 €99.99 €250.00
.fm €114.99 €114.99

This listing contains only the popular top level domain names. We have more domains available. If you would like to find the price of the domain that is not listed here, please send us an inquiry to
Domains cannot be transferred out within 60 days of ordering.
All prices shown exclude VAT @ 20%.


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